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“I am writing this letter on behalf of Jenny Alcazar. I have known her for close to ten years as a client and colleague too. I have Cerebral Palsy and she was recommended to me. As an educational psychologist for closed to fifty years in the integrated medical field, coupled with supervision both medical school interns, as well as interns in clinical psychology, Jenny is the branch mark of facilitating healing and helping people help themselves. Her ability to engage her clients/patients is like what I cal “positive parenting”. This means that as an educator and or clinician, she provides structure and guidance, as well as in an advocate to the individual she treats. I myself continue to seek her healing gifts of massage, physical therapy, Reiki and spiritual counseling and guidance. Professionally yours, Stephen C. Rosen Ph.D” August, 2015.
“Jenny, I just want to tell you how special you care to me and how you helped me get to this point in my life; without your help and love over the past 15 months I do not believe I would be walking as well as I am. Thank you again for everything. With much affection Howard Fuchs” December 2007.

Jenny, my best wishes in your healing work.
Tiffany Field, Ph.D - Director - Touch Research Institute - Miami-Florida 2005.

“Jenny, your kind words are much appreciated. I will share them with my staff because they are richly deserving of your praise. What I enjoyed most about your letter though is how your passion for the profession shines through. Your clients are so fortunate ! Thanks for reading and appreciate Massage & Bodywork Magazine and thank you for your excellence in the profession and best wishes on succeeding in the United States”.
Leslie A. Young, Ph.D - Editor-in-Chief. November 2006.

“Jenny, such a beautiful touch ! All the very best. Gayle MacDonald, LMT. Book: Medicine Hands. November, 2006.

“Jenny, just to “thank you” for introducing us to Reiki and for sharing all your wonderful back massage techniques last night in class. I learned much and hope you will let me know when you have a private class on massage techniques, so I may join you. Thanks. Barbara Boylan. May, 2008.

“In recognition of your commitment to the highest standards of excellence in the Persuits of our company’s goal. Excellence Awards (2007, 2008, 2009) presented to : Jenny Alcazar.
Ben Drillings, DC - A2Z Clinic & School of Massage.

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